1. Information provided

For online forms on our website, we ask and may collect personal information and contact details, such as your name, phone number, and e-mail address.

2. Processing personal data

The use of personal data is also referred to as the ‘processing’ of personal data. Which personal data are precisely used depends on the aim and task of the City of Amsterdam. This is explained in the specific privacy statements.

The City of Amsterdam thinks your privacy is important. Therefor we protect your personal data. We do this based on:

- privacy law

- our own policy: the Design Municipal framework for processing personal data.

3. General versus specific privacy statement

In the general privacy statement (in Dutch) you will find more information about the principles that the City of Amsterdam abides by. In the specific privacy statements (in Dutch) is explained per theme how we process your personal data. You will find which personal data are used, to what purpose, and also with whom we share the personal data.

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